Caricature Capers

What some people have said about their caricatures:

President Ronald Reagan:

" made me look 30 years younger"

President Gerald Ford:

"Thank you for the caricature."

Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace:

"...I appreciate the caricature of myself. You were very thoughtful to remember me in this way"

CBS Dan Rather:

"..thank you for your time and effort."

Award winning political cartoonist Ranan Lurie:

"Thank you for your kindness is drawing me."

Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis:

"...thank you for the caricature you drew of me"

New Hampshire Gov. John H. Lynch:

"Thank you for the cartoon. Please let me know if there is ever any way I can be of assistance to you."

Maine Gov. James B. Longley:

"...I never cease to be amazed at the talent and imagination of individuals such as yourself."

North Carolina State Senator Deanna Ballard:

"...thanks again for the memorable political cartoons..."


Studio Caricatures

   Studio caricatures are perfect gifts for events such as retirement, anniversary, wedding, birthday whatever the occasion! I require at least 3 photos of subject(s) to be caricatured and 2 weeks notice. Please include what the subject enjoys or does for work. Once caricature is done I will email it to you, with a watermark, for approval. Once approved, price is $25.00 per face, go to the correct PayPal button to make a payment. Once payment has posted the finished caricature will be emailed to you ready to print out at 300 dpi. No hard copy drawings are sent since most of the art, 75%, is done on the computer...modern technology ya know.
Thank you d.rano


How to order caricature(s):

   To request a caricature go to the contact page and let me know what you need for a caricature(s). Please enclose at least 2 photos of person(s) being caricatured. I will email you back a finished caricature, with watermark, for your approval. Once it's approved click on the correct PayPal button on this page to make payment. When payment is posted I will email you the finished cartoon, without watermark, at 300 DPI ready for framing.

   Price for each caricature is only $25.00 ~ Thank you

One caricature $25.00

Use this button when purchasing 1 cartoon:

Two caricatures $50.00

Use this button when purchasing 2 cartoons:

Three caricatures $75.00

Use this button when purchasing 3 cartoons:

Four caricatures $100.00

Use this button when ordering 4 caricatures:
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