Special event caricaturist


d.rano will be available to do caricatures for your special event
in Caldwell county and surrounding area as soon
as the corona virus is under control!

Studio caricatures and sign-in boards are still available.

Thank you

What a caricaturist can do for your event

    Caricaturists have a long history of entertaining for weddings and many other events. In recent years the popularity has only grown. If you are looking for a unique, hand made, personalized gift for your guests or someone to entertain them during your event, the talents of a professional caricaturist cannot be matched.

The 100% guarantee!

   I cannot promise to get everybody cartooned in my allotted time but I do guarantee that everybody at your event will get a caricature of themselves...THAT'S A 100% GUARANTEE!  I do this by having a sign-in sheet where people leave their name and e-mail address. They take one of my business cards, to know where to send their photo, and from that I will do up a caricature that they will receive within 2 weeks! This is my 100% guarantee!  I've found that this method works out great because some people would rather mingle than sit for five to ten minutes to have a caricature done of them. Then there's those that would love sitting for a while in order to take a break. And there's those that are to embarrassed to sit and be drawn while others look at them.

Here are a few things I can bring to your special day:

Pre-drawn caricatures of the bride and groom.
  Prior to the wedding you will receive a studio caricature of your event star(s). Use the caricature on an invitation, also use it as a sign-in board and place it at the gift table with a border for your guests to sign in on (see below). You can also mail out the caricature on a thank you note. This caricature is included in the event price.

Rate for event caricaturist

   My rate is $250.00 for 3 hours. A $50.00 deposit to secure date is required. I usually arrive early to set up and I begin drawing as soon as I am set up.

Secure event date:

Please use this button to secure your event date.

$50.00 deposit.

Event information


   Serving Caldwell County, N.C. area. Check availability for your event by contacting cartoonist.


   Will need at least 2 chairs, good lighting and if outside shading required.

Event caricatures

Event caricatures are head and shoulders only, black and white on a 8 1/2x11 premium card stock paper.

d.rano caricatures